Advanced Engineering Course

Desirable Engineer Resources to Nature

Engineers who actively extend their academic knowledge and techniques besides having their special field of engineering, and who act internationally with their special knowledge and techniques which enable them to organically design a sustainable society in harmony with the natural environment.

Advanced Engineering Course ‘Multidisciplinary Engineering’

The Advanced Engineering Course is a 2-year course for the graduates of the 5-year program of the College of Technology. Students obtain advanced, specialized knowledge and technology. This education course enables students to cope with creative research & development and state-of-the-art technologies.
The students can receive, by passing a screening, a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Nation Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education after completing the advanced engineering course. The graduates can be employed in the same capacity as those who have graduated from universities, or they can enter master’s programs.
Two Advanced Engineering Courses, which are Production System Engineering and Environment System Engineering, are provided at National Institute of Technology, Fukui College. The Production System Engineering Course has departments in mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, and electronics and information engineering, while the Environment System Engineering Course has departments in chemistry and biology.


Production System Engineering Course

Engineers in the 21st century are required to have the ability both to cope with advanced, complicated technology, and to develop high technology. They must design and develop software for controlling the entire system. To effectively solve system problems, they cannot be confined to just one field such as mechanical, electrical and electronic, and electronics and information engineering.
In the Production System Engineering Course, the students take a wide range of classes based on the fundamental knowledge obtained in the five year curriculum including mechanical design, system design, system control, electronics, physics, information, and communication. Through practical lessons, the students can experience actual problems and develop systemization and creativity. This program provides the building blocks to become engineers with the flexibility needed to develop a wide range of systems.

Environment System Engineering Course

People are concerned about the environment now, and we are required to develop production processes friendly to the environment which enable recycling. This kind of social need will sure increase in the future. In addition, we must make safer and more comfortable places to live while maintaining the quality of the environment of the earth and its various regions.
Based on the fundamental knowledge received in the five year curriculum, the students study biological chemistry, structural and material analysis, environmental hydraulic engineering, urban and disaster engineering, and environmental civil engineering in the Environment System Engineering Course. The engineers obtain knowledge and techniques to research & develop functional new materials and chemicals, and to improve the urban environment.