Chemistry and Biology

The future technology will be based on materials engineering and biotechnology, and therefore the aim of this department is to educate a student by providing the bases of these two branches and to produce a chemical engineer with flexible thought and ability to cope with new technology who is familiar with materials engineering and biological engineering. At the lower grades, students learn basic subjects concerning chemistry and biology. The upper grades can choose either “Materials Engineering Course” or “Biological Engineering Course” and take other elective subjects as well as their own ones. Furthermore, through experiments and graduation research, they can develop the practical and creative ability.

Teaching Staff

Akinori Uejima Fixed-term Professor Bioconversion and Optical Resolution of Nonnatural Organic Compounds
Yoshihiro Tsuda Fixed-term Professor Cytochrome P-450 Model Reaction
Yukimi Jyoko Professor Development of Electrochemical Processing for a High-performance Silicon Interposer
Katsumi Takayama Professor The Creation of novel and very effective(bio)analytical devices,(bio)remediation techniques and (bio) refinery technologies
Eiki Matsui Professor Model Reactions of Protein Radicals in Enzyme Catalysis
Junichi Nishino Associate Professor Development of High Performance Chemical Vapor Deposition Method
Creation of Structure Regulation Materials
Kazuhiro Sasa Associate Professor Molecular Dynamics Study for the Base Sequence Recognition Probe of Nucleic Acids Modified with the Pyrene Group
Masahiro Furutani Associate Professor Research and Development of Organic Polymer Materials for Sustainable Society
Toshihide Matsuno Associate Professor Production of Value-added Bioproducts by Controlled Microorganisms
Katsunori Gotan Associate Professor Development of the Highly Sensitive Method for Inorganic Trace Elements Analysis in Environmental Samples and Materials
Toshiyuki Kawamura Associate Professor Assay to Monitor Chemicals in Foods and Aquatic Environment by the Approach of Toxicogenomics
Chisato Sakamoto Assistant Professor Creation of Biodevice and system Utilizing Biological Function
Mugen Yamawaki Assistant Professor Development of New Reaction via Photoinduced Electron Transfer(PET)