Civil Engineering

Under the concept of “To sustain Environments and Social Overhead Capitals supporting for Persons and Other Living Things”, the Department of Civil Engineering aims to educate students to be civil engineers and architects those should correspond to the social and local demands. Therefore our department provides opportunities for students to learn how to survey sites and areas, design secure and safe constructs, research stability of foundations, investigate flows of water, design eco-cities and areas, and analyze flow of persons and goods for controlling them.
The first step for students is to learn fundamental theories of civil engineering and architecture (Structural Mechanics, Hydraulics, Geotechnical Engineering, Architectural Planning) through practice.
In the next, these applications such as techniques for Preventing Disasters, Environmental Assessments and Architectural Designs and so on are presented.
Furthermore, in order to promote the way to construct eco-cities and sustainable areas, students learn planning methodologies.
In the final stage, based on their visions and plans, students cultivate their skills through graduate study. Students acquire procedures to find problems, research, analyze, conclude and present the results of their own study works.

Teaching Staff

Masaho Yoshida Professor Liquefaction Countermeasure Technique
Web-Based Earthquake Disaster Mitigation System
Seismic Assessment of Cultural Buildings
Yuji Tsujiko Professor Measurement and Prediction of Sediment Disasters
Development of Study Tools for Multi Hazards
Yoshitami Nonomura Professor A Study on Preventive Technology on Urban Flood
A Study on House Design in Consideration for Environmental Efficiency
A Study on Wind Environment in Urban Area
Kazuhiko Tsujino Professor A studt on three-dimensional point cloud surveying for topography by using UAV
Mitsushi Okumura Associate Professor Safety Estimation of Water Services Including Very Small Amount of Pollutant
Evaluation of river environment based on the diversity of aquatic insects
Masashige Tayasu Professor Study on Coastal Engineering
Inundation Flow Analysis
Naoya Higuchi Associate Professor Fundamental Reseach on Bucking of Arch-like Space Frame Roofs
Yuya Yamato Lecturer Studr of Evacuation Shelter Manegement Plan Considering Living Environment of Evacuees and Resumption of Education
Yuko Serikawa Assistant Professor Effects of Inclination of Houses induced by Liquefaction on Health Problem of Residents
Research on Improving Regional Disaster Prevention
Keisuke Minowa Assistant Professor Study on Moisture Transfer Characteristics of Concrete
Prediction of Drying Shrinkage for Concrete Members