Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering aims at bringing up creative electrical and electronic engineers who are equipped with a professional knowledge for the advanced technology. The lower graders study the basic theory of electrical engineering including mathematics, physics, electromagnetics, electrical circuits and information processing. The upper graders acquire technology in each field of communication & electronics, information & control, optics & electronic devices and energy as required or elective subjects. In addition, applied technology of electricity and electronics is learned in experiments and the graduation research. Besides, the students are scheduled to be obtained knowledge of advanced technologies.

Teaching Staff

Shigeru Okubo Professor Web Application using Cell Phone
Controlling Radiation of Array Antenna
Yukio Yamamoto Professor Study on High Efficiency Solar Cell
Tadashi Sato Professor Study on Control Theory
Tomoaki Yoneda Professor Study on Ion-Solids Interaction
Study on Ion Implantation into Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor
Hajime Akiyama Professor
Masakazu Arakawa Associate Professor Theoretical Study of Quantum Effect
Akio Maruyama Associate Professor Multimodal Logic
Logical Formalization for Multi-Agent Systems
Toru Matsuura Associate Professor Superfluidity of Change density Waves
Satoshi Saijo Assistant Professor Improvement of Efficiency in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
Junsei Horikawa Assistant Professor Study on antennas for mid-infrared detectors