Electronics and Information Engineering

Department of Electronics and Information Engineering aims at educating students to be competent engineers in information technology (IT) and control technology.
At the lower grades, students learn basic subjects in electronics and information engineering. The upper grades study the fields of software (Information Theory, Mathematics of Computer Science, Information Structure and Software Engineering) and hardware technology containing Control Engineering, Communication System and Information Network. Through experiment and graduation research, they can develop the ability of deep insight and creative thinking.

Teaching Staff

Yasuyuki Nomura Professor Chaos in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Computer Simulation on Trafic Flow
Tohru Saitoh Professor Emergency Information System
Web Application Programming
Masafumi Shimojo Professor Numerical Analysis of Particle Models
Simulation of quantum computer
Simulation of Multibody Problem
Yoshihiro Aoyama Professor Embedded System Design
Study on Cooperated Motion between Robots
Sakiko Ogoshi Associate Professor Brain Machine Interface
Assistive Technology
Yuichi Takaku Associate Professor Flying Robots
Nuclear Fusion Theory
Numerical Simulation of Magnetohydrodynamics
Hitoshi Nishi Associate Professor Gait Generation for Robot
Simulation of Super Wideband FM Technique
Tomonari Murata Lecturer Path Planning Algorithm for Manipulators
Research of the Virtua Reality
Yuki Kawakami Lecturer Research on High Performance Design of Meta-materials for Antenna Application
Takahiro Komatsu Assistant Professor Integration Mechanism of Human Visuo-Motor
Photovoltaic generation forecasting system