Course of General Education

General education aims to have the students acquire culture to live a well-rounded life as an excellent engineer and a citizen. The curriculum of general education is designed for all students in each department. The contents range from those of high schools to those of general culture courses in universities. We have a variety of subjects, such as Japanese, history, geography, ethics, politics and economics, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, physical education, English, as well as fine arts, and music for aesthetic sentiments, philosophy, economics, jurisprudence etc. In addition, our college puts emphasis on foreign language education to meet the needs of an internationalized society. We offer students lessons in English, German and Chinese. Foreign teachers help them to learn foreign languages. Applied mathematics fundamental physics for engineers are also taught.

Teaching Staff

Natural Science

Takehiro Tsubokawa Professor Mathematical Education
Numerical Analysis
Toshihiro Nagamizu Professor Mathematical Education
Yuji Yanagihara Associate Professor Probability Theory
Statistical Mechanics
Analysis of percolation Model
Kazuyo Inoue Associate Professor Algebraic Geometry
Tetsuya Yamada Lecturer Partial Differential Equations
Minobu Nakatani Professor Algebra
Mathematical Education
Daisuke Aiba Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations
Mathematical Physics
Takuo Okamoto Professor Structure of Earth’s Crust
Tomoharu Hasegawa Associate Professor Material Science, Optics
Shin-ichi Hikino Lecturer Condensed Matter Physics
Hiroyuki Yamamoto Professor Studies on Native Cellulose and Related Polysaccharides
Akihiro Azuma Associate Professor Biomechanics
Health Sciences
Hiroki Aoki Lecturer Sport Movement Behaviour
Kazuhiro Matsui Assistant Professor Biomechanics

Liberal Arts

Yoshihide Nakamura Professor Japanese Linguistics
Hikaru Ise Assistant Professor Japanese Literature
Yuichi Sato Associate Professor Philosophy
Yasunobu Teshima Lecturer History (Japanese Modern History)
Saburo Yoshida Professor Teaching English
Sadashi Mori Professor Cognitive Linguistics
Osamu Haraguchi Professor Englishness in British Literature
Yuki Miyamoto Associate Professor Teaching English
Takuro Fujita Lecturer TEFL
Junshiro Hiroshige Fixed-time Professor Economic History