Mechanical Engineering

The main aim of this department is to cultivate students as developmental engineers who have not only fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering, but also the broad view of things, the practical and synthetic ability to be capable of accommodating to the development of new technologies.
In studying the fundamental subjects such as strength of materials, engineering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, kinematics of machine, engineering dynamics and so on which are essential to the mechanical engineering, students have a great deal of exercise for training to cultivate the ability in analysis and application to practical problems. Besides students can be able to have fundamental knowledge of electronics, system, information and control to accommodate to the development of the technologies.
Moreover, the department puts importance on the education in practical subjects and synthesis of technology such as mechanical experiment, manufacturing exercise, graduation research and so on to cultivate the sense of manufacturing, the creative and synthetic ability to arrange up the fundamental knowledge of technology for mechanical systems.

Teaching Staff

Naoki Yasumaru Professor Plasma and Laser Assisted Surface Modification
Data Base for Metallographic Images
Kazuhiko Tanaka Professor Motion of piston in Piston Pump and Motor
Tribology for Oil Hydraulic Equipment
Hirotaka Kato Professor Tribo-film Formation
Wear of Fime Grained Materials
Katsushi Fujita Professor Numerical Simulation and Image Processing Measurements of Viscoelastic Fluid Flow
Masakazu Haga Associate Professor EHD Convection Induced by DC Electric Field
Takayuki Muranaka Associate Professor Combined Forming Process of Sheet Metal
Kentaro Kameyama Associate Professor Field Robotics
Modeling and Control of the System subjected to Random Disturbance
Eisuke Sentoku Associate Professor Cutting Characteristics of Nanotextured Tool in End Milling
Naoto Kaneda Lecturer Behavior of Yarm in Two Spindles Type Disk Friction Twisting
Nobuyuki Gomi Assistant Professor Optimization of Boring Process with Electricity Evaluation
Evaluation of injection Molded Products by Dimensional Changes Taking Local Variations into Consideration