Message from the president

National Institute of Technology, Fukui College opened in 1965, and following reorganizations and other changes, it now has five departments (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering, Chemistry and Biology, and Civil Engineering), as well as two Advanced Engineering Courses (Production System Engineering Course and Environment System Engineering Course).
The basic philosophy of the college is to foster engineers with superior practical skills, abundant humanity and creativity, and an ability to contribute to the diverse development of society. Starting from this basic philosophy, we are conducting educational activities aimed at raising engineers who have not only expertise, but also creativity, humanity, and an international perspective. One of the great attractions of education at an institute of technology is that teenaged students can work on full-fledged experiments, practical training, and research activities under the guidance of instructors with doctorates.
We also provide many other opportunities for students to learn and grow, besides the classes. Students from Fukui College have achieved fantastic results at the robotics contests, programming contests, design competitions, and English presentation contests unique to institutes of technology. In addition, the college’s own Galileo Contest and Business Idea Contest, among others, enable students to work on problem solving and entrepreneurship education. We also offer a full range of club activities, with 18 physical education clubs, 9 cultural clubs, and 12 special interest groups. Our physical education clubs practice hard during club activities with the goal of participating in National Institute of Technology athletic meets (Zenkoku kōsen taiiku taikai), and students in Years 1-3 in some events also participate in high school tournaments as part of our vigorous club activities.
Besides sending many Japanese students to study abroad and welcoming many foreign students at the college, we also built a new international dormitory in 2022 as an environmental facility for international exchange. At the international dormitory, residents of many nationalities deepen cross-cultural understanding through shared living and work towards fostering the abilities required of global engineers.
The college has also established the General Information Processing Center, Regional Cooperation Techno Center, library, Creative Education Development Center, and Educational Research Support Center as joint use facilities, and we are actively working on cooperative projects and joint research with the community as well.
At National Institute of Technology, Fukui College, the entire academic and administrative staff works together to put their best efforts into fostering human resources who will support the development of society, as a college of technology that will continue to contribute to the community.