Educational Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

To cultivate engineers who possess excellent practical ability, rich humanity & creativity, and who contribute to diverse growth in society.

Desirable Human Resources to Nurture

  • Possess a sense of social responsibility and ethics and are considerate to the global environment (Humanity)
  • Possess the technological knowledge and skills required to accurately foresee the progress of science and technology (Specialty)
  • Place great value on harmony and cooperation and play an active role in the international community (Internationality)
  • Integrate broad knowledge and problem-solving skills with a rich sense of creativity and practicality (Creativity)

Educational Policy

  • To develop the students’ basic skills and expertise in their special fields which be required for them to work in the future as engineers.
  • To develop students’ personal potential and encourage their creativity.
  • To develop students who are culturally enriched and internationally minded.
  • To improve students’ health and develop their physical and mental endurance.
  • To improve students’ daily lives so that they can lead happy and meaningful lives.